From 3 August, our Admissions team will be available to take calls between 12-2pm Monday to Friday on 01273 667704.




During the current Covid-19 situation, the College is predominantly closed. Students are working from home online and/or completing work sheets. However, our support services are all still here to support you during this unusual time.

This page is intended to provide you and your family with useful information, ideas and resources, including links to external organisations who can give you support and guidance.



  • 如果你需要在家工作的支持,请与我们联系。
  • If you need support with your studies, please contact your tutors. You can also contact our SEND Managers in 额外的学习支持:



fenella potterton

  • 如果你有顾虑或担心,您可以联系我们的田园导师:  田园导师会通过电子邮件,短信或电话联系。 
  • If you are worried about your safety or the safety of another student, you can contact the Safeguarding team:
  • 有关详细信息和联系方式,请关注我们的冠状病毒“常见问题”: 点击这里访问


  • 政府已经创建了网上资源列表供在家学习: 点击这里访问。

  • Activity ideas for children and young people with special needs and disabilities. It includes tips on looking after yourself and talking to your children or young person about the Coronavirus: 点击这里访问。

  • Soundabout is a national charity that has pioneered the use of music, rhythm and sound to give disabled children and adults a voice - a way to express themselves and be listened to. 该y are running interactive music making sessions via Facebook: 点击这里访问。

  • Here is a BSL signed version of the statement from Ofqual about how qualifications will be assessed this year: 点击这里访问。

  • 最新的更新和更多,BBC newsround有新闻报道和其他可用资源: 点击这里访问。


  • If you or your young person has a learning disability or autism and need to leave the house to exercise more than once a day, 政府已表示 this is allowed and you can travel by car to a quieter area if you need to. To give you reassurance, 惊奇 have produced a letter you can take with you: 点击这里下载。
  • Turn2Us is a national charity helping people when times get tough. 该y provide financial support to help people get back on track during Covid-19 and in the future: 发现这里了解更多。
  • 社会故事解释冠状病毒: 在这里下载。
  • During this time, it's important to know what support is available to you as a carer and those you look after: 发现这里了解更多。
  • 洗手技巧的人感觉统合困难: 点击这里访问。
  • Carers 支持 West Sussex supports all carers including parents who have children with SEND to adults looking after adults. It is currently offering phone and online support. 发现这里了解更多。
  • 该 Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health has shared this story/worksheet about how to cope with coronavirus change: 点击这里访问。
  • Reaching Families is a parent-carer led, grassroots charity with aims to support parents and families of young people across West Sussex with special educational needs and disabilities in their daily lives: 发现这里了解更多。
  • West Sussex Educational Psychology Service are offering phone discussions with an educational psychologist to parents and carers who live in West Sussex and practitioners who work in West Sussex. 发现这里了解更多。
  • This website has been created for families who care for children, young people or adults with a learning disability or developmental difficulty (including those who are autistic). Family carers will find information about positive approaches for supporting wellbeing and supporting choice, independence and communication for their relative. Family carers will also find information about how to support their relative if they display behaviours that challenge. 发现这里了解更多。
  • This is a collection of thoughts and experiences of children and teens with dyslexia about how they are coping with learning in lockdown. 点击这里访问。


  • If your young person is worried or anxious about Coronavirus, Young Minds offer a Parent's Helpline with expert advice: 点击这里访问。
  • 心灵网站提供了在此期间人们一些实用的建议和支持: 发现这里了解更多。
  • 英国广播公司编制了有关如何保护你的心理健康一些有用的信息: 点击这里访问。
  • 关于健康和焦虑和冠状信息: 点击这里。
  • mencap已经提供关于冠状一个事实表: 在这里下载。
  • 强迫症和冠状病毒的提示: 点击这里。
  • 幼小的心灵提供了约,如果你是担心冠状病毒怎么办的信息: 发现这里了解更多。
  • 管理焦虑提示: 点击这里。
  • Active Sussex and REBOOT have produced a schedule of free local sports and activities you can access at home: 了解更多。
  • 从每一个心灵的建议事项冠状病毒期间,儿童和年轻人照顾: 点击这里。
  • 电子健康为13-25岁的年轻人用他们的心理健康支持: 点击这里。
  • Place2Be is a useful reference specifically aimed at answering questions of children who are suffering with anxiety: 了解更多。
  • 该 Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health has shared this list of useful and accessible suggestions on what to do when faced with anxiety: 点击这里。


惊奇 is a charity that gives information, advice and support to families of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) in 布莱顿 & Hove and Sussex. 该y also support young people with SEND up to 25-years-old.

惊奇 have produced FAQs about Covid-19 and the lockdown which are targeted at parent carers and young people with SEND. It is updated as new information becomes available. 点击这里访问这些常见问题解答。


  • 福利信息和父母照顾,儿童和青少年的链接: 点击这里。
  • 休闲,学习和家庭锁定信息: 点击这里。
  • 什么covid-19时发生在教育,就业和年轻人的培训: 点击这里 .
  • 惊奇’s Amazing Futures group for young people is continuing to offer group support and activities by moving to Zoom: 点击这里.
  • 该 惊奇 Looking Forward project is continuing to offer education, employment and training support to young people and their parent carers via Zoom: 点击这里。
  • 惊奇 host two of the Sussex parent carer forums. They work closely with the local authorities and health services to ensure that the voice of parent carers is heard and are involved in planning. 该y are a good way to link in with other families: 点击这里。
  • 惊奇的面对面商务服务报价在新诊断或新的挑战的时候同行于母公司的老者支持: 点击这里。
  • 惊奇的发送信息,建议和支持服务(sendiass): 点击这里。


国家孤独症协会 (NAS) 已经创建了一个中心在其网站上 with information and resources about Coronavirus to help children, staff and parents deal with this difficult time.

雄心勃勃的关于自闭症 is an organisation which aims to support all autistic young people to learn, thrive and achieve and lead fulfilling lives. 发现这里了解更多。